2019 ALCC Program Supports 10 Research Teams with 4M Node-Hours at NERSC

August 21, 2019

Michael Rubinstein
Michael Rubinstein

Each year, the DOE Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research’s (ASCR’s) Leadership Computing Challenge (ALCC) program awards computing time at ASCR’s high performance computing centers at Lawrence Berkeley, Argonne, and Oak Ridge National Laboratories to scientists from industry, academia, and national laboratories whose work emphasizes high-risk, high-payoff simulations in energy-related fields.

For the ALCC 2019-2020 campaign, ASCR received 75 proposals and, through a competitive review process, chose 37 proposals to receive allocations totaling 16.4 million node-hours. At NERSC, 10 research teams received a total of 4.1 million node-hours to use on the Cori supercomputer.  Of notable mention:

  • Gary S. Grest (Sandia National Laboratories), Shengfeng Cheng (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University), Sanat Kumar (Columbia University), Dvora Perahia (Clemson University), and Michael Rubinstein (Duke University) received 270,000 node-hours for “Large Scale Numerical Simulations of Polymer Nanocomposites.”

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