Molecular structure of Bottlebrush polymers in melts

TitleMolecular structure of Bottlebrush polymers in melts
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsJL Paturej, SS Sheiko, S Panyukov, and M Rubinstein
JournalScience Advances
Paginatione1601478 - e1601478
Date Published01/2016

Bottlebrushes are fascinating macromolecules that display an intriguing combination of molecular and partic-ulate features having vital implications in both living and synthetic systems, such as cartilage and ultrasoft elastomers. However, the progress in practical applications is impeded by the lack of knowledge about the hierarchic organization of both individual bottlebrushes and their assemblies. We delineate fundamental cor-relations between molecular architecture, mesoscopic conformation, and macroscopic properties of polymer melts. Numerical simulations corroborate theoretical predictions for the effect of grafting density and side-chain length on the dimensions and rigidity of bottlebrushes, which effectively behave as a melt of flexible filaments. These findings provide quantitative guidelines for the design of novel materials that allow architec-tural tuning of their properties in a broad range without changing chemical composition.

Short TitleScience Advances